1965 plymouth barracuda vin decoder

There were also detail differences in interior trim color option differed, other minor changes. The alternator was standard in the US, but optional in Canada, where a 35 amp generator was still standard. Bill Watson pointed out that Chrysler parts were sold by Chryco, not Mopar, in Canada until the s, though the name "was creeping in" during the late s.

In Chrysler's model year, DeSoto production was finally stopped in most markets. This move probably cemented the Valiant's identity as a compact Chrysler car as opposed to a compact Plymouth car , though the "by Chrysler" words were dropped after The situation continues in Canada to this day, where dealers sell the "Chrysler Intrepid.

Canadian phone books from this era had listings for "Dodge-Valiant Dealers.


The Valiant RV series was again mostly identical to U. Valiant except for "Valiant by Chrysler" badging. While the was an attractive car, its undisguised combination of Dodge front clip and Chrysler tail were obvious, and American fans were taken aback. With Canadian Dodge dealers selling the Chrysler line, the was unnecesary in Canada. The mixing and matching of fronts and rears would reappear in the Canadian Valiant line the following year. Chrysler US adopted the reduction-gear starter for its engines, but Chrysler Canada hung on to the direct-drive starter for the six until or The space needed for starter engagement is greater for the reduction-gear starter than the direct-drive.

Thus a Canadian starter mated to an American-model torque converter will crack the starter pinion gears!

The Dodge Lancer continued to be unavailable in Canada as well. This would become more significant in The SV Valiant appears identical to U. The Dodge Lancer was an excellent car, but had never sold well, because, executives believed, of its similarity to the Valiant. So, for the model year, the compact Dodge was given a longer wheelbase and distinctive styling from the Valiant.

It also received a new name, inheriting "Dart" from the larger Dodge cars, while continuing to use the "L" model designation which originated with Lancer, i. The Valiant was noticeably smaller, except for the station wagon body which used the Valiant wheelbase " in both applications. The Dart was not only larger, but bore a distinct resemblance to the '63 Chrysler as well. The Dart was the best value on the U. This was no help to Chrysler Canada, who had placed all its chips on the Valiant. Someone must have realized also that a car marketed as a "compact Chrysler" and a sibling compact which actually looked like a little brother to the full-size Chrysler, should be the same car.

All models had side chrome identical to the U. Valiant, with some modifications to mate with the Dart quarter panel. The brochure illustration artist used American Plymouth Valiant models - thus showing incorrect rear quarter windows on the 2-door sedan.

Wiring Diagram For 1965 Plymouth Wiring Diagram

All Dart-based Valiants used the reverse angle on the 2-door sedan. Had to - otherwise the window would not roll down. So there were no Dart-bodied Valiant 2 dr sedans with straight quarter glass. Another error in the brochure was the lack of rear quarter panes in the sedans on the driver's side - the vehicle used for inspiration, I suspect, was the prototype Plymouth Valiant that was a Signet hardtop on the driver's side and a V sedan on the other. It was updated for use at the introduction This was the first year for the Valiant convertible - in fact for all Chrysler Canada built convertibles!

They were exported in right-hand drive to the UK and were reviewed by "the Autocar. Shared front sheet metal including most trim with U. Canadian V did not have "Valiant" nameplate on front fenders between wheel well and front edge of door. Canadian Signet had "Signet " emblems in same location as U. Clone of Dodge Dart from firewall back except for ornamentation and minor trim differences as follows:.

1965 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S Unrestored with 5804 Miles on My Car Story with Lou Costabile

Dodge delta with "GT" insert replaced with Valiant crest. The Dodge Story shows Signets with V chrome adapted for the Dart body; however, it's been so long since I've seen one that I can't remember if production Canadian Signets had these pieces or not. Ironically, the '63 Dart station wagons were virtually the same cars as the '63 U.

Valiant wagons other than the adoption of Dart taillights. As a result, the Canadian Valiant wagon was a near clone of the U. All other years were imported.

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The early Barracuda was marketed as a Valiant, and not as a Plymouth. Engines were similar to the U. The was optional. The Formula S was available in Canada in , but it was imported.

I can't find the number that is in my paperwork on the car!

Interiors on the models were identical to the American version, while the Canadian Barracuda used the Dart dashboard. The models had "Valiant" on the front and trunk lid, not "Plymouth. Starting in , they were marketed as Plymouth Barracudas. April's introduction of the Barracuda was the biggest news in A-Bodies in , followed by the introduction of the V The Canadians did not graft a Dart tail section onto their Barracuda, but it did have some subtle differences.

All Canadian Valiants, including Barracuda, had a "Valiant" badge on the hood in place of the "Plymouth" badge seen on the U. They also had the U. Valiant gauge cluster and hubcaps. Despite this, was really unaware of vin codes. As far as breaking one down. Tom hergert was very aware though. I was changing my mind in selling THIS Car: vin ,license plate lsj, when Tom hergert, made me several promises, in order to strike a deal.

Of course we are going to restore it!

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Learn how. The left quarter trim is missing.