Arrest records for utah in january 2008

If you have any information please contact the St. Raymond has Alzheimers, internal bleeding, and dementia. He was last seen in Fillmore, Utah on November 26, Raymond has a cyst on his right hand between the fingers. Shurtz was not with the vehicle. Joyce was last seen in South Ogden, Utah on Aug. She has not been seen or heard from since. She has pierced ears and wore several gold chains. Unknown what she was wearing.

If you have any information contact the South Ogden Police. It is unknown where Ronald may have traveled. If you have any information please contact the West Valley police Reed was last seen in the vicinity of St. He has not been heard from since. He was wearing blue levis, a white cotton knit shirt and a reversible parka blue on one side and black on the other Contact Salt Lake City Police with any information.

Ryan, also known as Ry, last had phone contact with a relative while at his residence in the vicinity of the block of E.

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Tanglewood in Erda Utah. He did not show up for work which is unlike him and missed an appointment on March 14, Contact Tooele County Sheriff with any information. Sarah was last seen in Bountiful Utah. She may have traveled to Nevada or California with a male companion. She went missing without taking any clothing or personal effects. She has had jaw surgery and has surgical screws in her jaw. There has been no contact from Sarah since she went missing. He has not been seen since.

He was last seen wearing a light blue business suit. DNA is available. Contact Salt Lake Police at with any information. The vehicle was unlocked, the windows were down, and the keys were in the truck. He has a short military buzz type hair cut, several tattoos. Tribal on left bicep on the outside edge of arm, american flag on right shoulder, Jeremy on left chest and celtic tattoo on his neck.

Unknown scar on top of his head.

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Last seen wearing black pants, white shirt, unknown black shoes and wearing a sky blue colored turban on his head. He has a tattoo of a celtic tree of life on his right shoulder and a celtic boar on his left abdom. He has had a fracture on one of his arms and an ankle. There has been no contact since He wears horned rimmed glasses. Contact Park City Police Department with any information. David has not been seen since.

He has a chipped front tooth and an unknown tattoo on his right hand. Lloyd has not been seen since. He has extremely bright white teeth, bright green eyes and braces on both top and bottom teeth.

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He has a mole on his right cheek and a scar on his upper right arm. His last know location is unknown. Please contact the Missing Persons Clearinghouse with any information. He had a back pack and no other belongings. Subsequent diagnosis of scoliosis. She was 5 months pregnant at the time of her disappearance and was wearing an Orange maternity top and blue jeans.

She has a scar on her left cheek, curly hair and has used the name Marlene Cummings. Dental is available. He has been missing since August 28, He has brain damage that causes him to be un-balanced. When frightened he will scream and shake his hands. His face peels under his eyes and he has porferia, an allergy to the sun. Possible birth mark on his left inner thigh.

Timothy has burn scars on the palms of both hands. He has tattoos on his back, left shoulder, right and left arm and his chest. He has a scar on his left arm. Contact the Sandy Police Department with any information.

Utah parole records

She was emotionally upset at the time she disappeared. She had a bridge on her upper front teeth. He has a mental condition and requires medication for schizophrenia. He does not drive and would have left on foot. He could have been wearing a light grey shirt and dark grey pants. May have a beard but does have a widows peak.

He has a cleft dimple on his chin and has a burn scar on his lower right leg below his knee.

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He also has a skin graph scar above his knee on his right leg. Dental and chest x-rays are available. He had scars on both his knees. Photo was taken in Any information on Daniel, please contact the Salem Police Department Please contact the Murray City Police Department with any information. He was last seen wearing a black hooded sweat shirt, red sweat pants, t-shirt, and Converse shoes size 7 to 8. He has straight shoulder length hair and a gap between his front teeth.

DNA available. Both of her ears are pierced and she has a tennis ball-sized birthmark on her lower left abdomen. Acacia Bishop was last seen at 6 p. Photo is an age progressed. He is suicidal and took a cal Jennings handgun with him. He lives in Taylorsville, Utah. He is blind in his left eye and wears glasses. He does not drive therefore relying on the bus system.

Pleasant, Utah area. She is missing under suspicious circumstances. If you have any information on the disappearance of Jan, please contact the Unified Police of Greater Salt Lake at He was last seen wearing a tattered flannel shirt, blue jeans and has a thin beard. The drawing was recognized by the family of Brian David Mitchell, who gave police contemporary photographs of him. On March 12, , Mitchell was spotted with two women in Sandy, Utah , by a couple who had seen Mitchell's photos on the news. Smart was recognized by the officers during questioning, and Mitchell and Barzee were arrested. March 18, One month after the recovery of Elizabeth Smart, the state of Utah superseded the then-existing Rachael Alert [48] with the nationwide AMBER alert child abduction alert system —in part to conform with recently implemented nationwide procedures.

Although the Rachael Alert was superseded, this system had seen success in the two years of its existence. The court requested that Mitchell undergo a competency evaluation , [4] based on his claims of being a religious prophet. Stephen Golding, a psychologist hired by the defense, distinguished between zealous belief and delusion, and concluded that Mitchell's beliefs transcended zeal and were in fact delusional. It was in Golding's opinion that Mitchell was not competent to stand trial as a result of his delusions. The court, however, superseded Golding's opinion and found Mitchell to be competent in The defendant was willing to plead guilty to kidnapping and burglary for a year sentence on condition that Smart should not testify.

The prosecution refused to drop sexual assault charges against Mitchell, and no agreement was reached. On October 15, , plea negotiations had still not determined an agreement. The defense appealed as late as October 21, asking the prosecution to rethink their position in terms of what they were offering Mitchell. Up until this point the defense did not highlight breakdown in competence as a contributing factor to the deterioration of plea negotiations; they cited the lack of a coming to an agreement as being the result of the sole discretion of their client.

The appeal was subsequently rejected.

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Jennifer Skeem, a psychologist who initially stated that Mitchell was competent, interviewed Mitchell again per the defense's request in February After this interview, Heidi Buchi, Mitchell's attorney, filed a brief stating that Mitchell was no longer competent to stand trial. Mitchell subsequently began to act out in court, while jail staff observed no change in his behavior and thought process.

Ultimately, Judge Judy Atherton agreed with the defense, asserting that Mitchell's behavior reflected psychosis. The defendant re-entered Utah State hospital on August 11, and remained there until While in the hospital, no staff experienced Mitchell as being paranoid in a pathological sense.