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Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan has a Medicare plan for you Because Promise Health Plan was developed and continues to be led by physicians, we have been able to create Medicare plans that promote member wellness and provide the treatment, care, and services you'll need if you become ill. Back to Top. Social Security Administration that adheres to the rules, policies, regulations and terms of use of that agency.

If you enter the web site of Beacon Health Strategies beaconhealthstrategies. If you enter the web site My Advocate www. Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan makes no representation and is not responsible for the quality, content, nature, or reliability of any linked site. If you enter the web site Dental Providers www.

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If you enter the web site VSP www. If you enter the web site Livanta www. We help set industry standards by serving in numerous National Council for Prescription Drug Plans leadership roles, and more than 35 committees, including the Standardization Work Group and Work Group Surescripts stores basic demographic information, provided by healthcare providers, for purposes of patient matching and identification.

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Surescripts does not store clinical records. Clinical records are stored and maintained by healthcare providers. Surescripts simply provides secure electronic transmission of records between providers. To learn more about how Surescripts protects and uses information, please visit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. During the admission process, patient consent and HIPAA notification are standard processes, especially for purposes of treatment, healthcare operations, or payment. All queries and responses are made automatically through secured system to system communications.

The response is returned to a patient record in a clinical setting and role based security determines which personnel have access to the information. Surescripts also contractually requires all certified software vendors to follow local, state and federal level privacy and security requirements. At Surescripts, we are committed to respecting patients' rights to maintain the privacy of their health information and ensuring appropriate security of all protected health information. Protecting the security and confidentiality of personal health information is of extreme importance to Surescripts.

To read how we go about this, check out our privacy policy. Many state-supported e-prescribing pilot programs are designed to help contain the rising costs of state-funded Medicaid programs. Other state initiatives focus more broadly on developing programs to accelerate the adoption of e-prescribing and EHRs and models to leverage regional health information organizations RHIOs. E-prescribing is generally addressed in two different ways on the state level.

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First, via a targeted approach where legislation provides incentives for adoption and use of e-prescribing, or creating demonstration projects to assess the financial and efficiency gains of e-prescribing. Second, legislative approaches sometimes roll e-prescribing requirements into larger health reform bills. Surescripts can help support your efforts to promote e-prescribing with important data and information for presentations. Click here to request more information. Surescripts has more than a decade of experience developing a nationwide network to enable electronic prescribing and facilitate the secure exchange of health information.

Through the Surescripts network, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others can communicate with each other like a team, sharing information to reduce errors, improve efficiency, and save money. Today, Surescripts connects nearly 1 million healthcare professionals, more than 3, hospitals, and more than software applications, providing the ability to exchange critical information on more than million patients. Surescripts is uniquely positioned to leverage our assets and extract more value from our network to improve the patient and provider experience. Whether registering a prescriber for the first time or updating an existing prescriber listing, directory listings are a shared resource on the Surescripts network and it is very important that listings remain consistent and accurate.

Our experience with directory management has shown that when information is incorrect, this can lead to future problems experienced by both the prescriber and pharmacies they wish to communicate with such has faxed refill renewal requests and misrouted prescriptions. The following is a best practice approach to properly registering a prescriber within the Surescripts Admin Console to participate in e-prescribing.

Most importantly, Surescripts recommends that the prescriber name be represented as it would in a legal or contract style document. Surescripts also recommends the address utilize the USPS standard address. In addition to prescription information, the Surescripts network allows doctors to share an array of clinical messages required to manage the care of patients.

This includes, but is not limited to: discharge and visit summaries, patient charts, referrals, lab orders and results. Integrating electronic prescribing of controlled substances EPCS within existing technology and workflow requires action from everyone. Join Surescripts in the collaborative effort. Visit www. This process validates that the software is able to send and receive electronic messages in accordance with industry standards and that it is providing open choice for medication selection and dispensing location.

Starting in , Surescripts also introduced a Clinical Messaging service, allowing clinical information to be exchanged between healthcare clinics and physicians.

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Certification concentrates on message format and workflow. Surescripts provides documentation and testing tools for the software vendor and conducts certification to ensure all the requirements are met. The software vendor is responsible for development, testing, and QA of its application. Please complete the following form to initiate this process.

Be sure to complete all fields or the form cannot be submitted. Once this has been received a Surescripts representative will follow-up with you regarding next steps. On average it can take a vendor months to complete certification, however, Surescripts cannot estimate how long it will take an individual vendor to complete certification as it is dependent on the individual time and resources the vendor is able to put behind their own certification.

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Identity proofing, also known as ID proofing, is the process of verifying that a person is who he or she claims to be. ID proofing is a common practice across industries, including such common tasks as renewing a driver's license, securing new employment, or opening a bank account. Identity proofing, including both in-person and remote ID proofing, is critically important as the first step for the secure electronic exchange of health information.

There are a number of reasons EHR vendors and aggregators should ensure the identity of their customers:. As a Surescripts network participant, you have legal obligations that require you, as a vendor, to ensure that your customers are 1 who they claim to be; and 2 authorized by law to access and use the type of information for which access is granted e. Currently, Surescripts certification does not address identity proofing, so additional measures must be taken to ensure the security of all vendor applications. There are varying methods for ensuring a person's identity and how much confidence or assurance one can place in the identity proofing process.

The more robust the process, the greater assurance there is that the person is who they claim to be. The U.

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While there is no single standard for ID proofing for e-prescribing, Surescripts encourages all EHR vendors to target at least Assurance Level 2 and consider industry best practices to ensure the security of all participants on our network. Surescripts does not dictate the mechanism or manner by which EHR vendors and aggregators choose to implement identity proofing processes that best suit their business model.

If your practice already has an EHR system, it is likely that your system has been certified by Surescripts. You simply need to contact your vendor representative and ask about getting connected to the Surescripts network. If you do not yet have an EHR or e-prescribing software in your practice, you will need to acquire a solution that fits your practice needs.

A comprehensive list of e-prescribing technologies that have been certified by Surescripts is available on our web site. Click here for a list of organizations connected to the Surescripts network for Clinical Network Services. Surescripts does not sell, develop, or endorse e-prescribing or EHR software.

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Instead, Surescripts works with existing medical software companies to certify their prescribing software for access to the Surescripts network. This enables you to choose the software that best suits the needs of your practice. Additionally, Surescripts works with EHR vendors to implement clinical messaging services.

Collaboration is crucial to achieving intelligent healthcare, where doctors and patients can make the most informed decisions and, in doing so, improve health outcomes and decrease costs. There are no transaction fees for prescribers to access or use the networking services provided by Surescripts.

However, prescribers must use an electronic prescribing system that is certified to connect to the Surescripts network before they can send and receive prescription information. A practice may be using a certified application already or it may need to acquire a new certified application. Costs for these systems are set by the companies that provide them. Systems that are certified to connect to the Surescripts network range from simple electronic prescribing software to full-featured EMR systems.

The only time your practice would incur transaction fees for e-prescribing would be if the vendor you select charged your practice a transaction fee. Most vendors do not charge practices a transaction fee, but be sure to ask your potential vendors about this during system selection. Prescribers can check to see if their electronic prescribing system is certified by clicking here.