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The maintenance and delivery of these records fall under multiple government agencies, but many will be overseen by either the Texas Department of Public Safety or the Texas Office of Court Administration. Although all government information is presumed to be available without questioning, there are some exceptions to the rule. For instance, any information that has been deemed confidential by law, either constitutionally, statutorily or judicially, or any document that currently has an exception pending at the time of the request, is not immediately accessible.

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Otherwise, all public records, including the voting history of a government employee, can be viewed or copied upon request. Texas criminal and arrest records for individuals charged with Class B misdemeanor or greater violations are publicly available for viewing and copying. These records include disposition of cases, convictions and deferred adjudications. All documents can be searched for using the website for the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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Background and criminal history checks can be obtained through the Department of Public Safety. These records can be accessed by either utilizing the online name-based search function or by submitting a completed authorized fingerprint card along with the appropriate fee to the Department of Public Safety. Access is limited to public information.

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Call our Dallas County expunction lawyers now A record of your arrest is maintained by a number of city, state, and federal agencies, irrespective of the outcome of your case. In addition, the internet makes your criminal record easy to find for anyone with a computer. Many counties now provide this information online, free of charge. To view Collin County criminal records, click here.

For Denton County, click here. Want to check Rockwall County? Click here. Once granted, an expunction will cause any computer entries of this type to be deleted.

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