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Fees are billed quarterly, and all fees are waived if the bill does not exceed a specified limit in a billing quarter. Government Publishing Office. Some documents are not ordinarily available to the public. As noted in Privacy Policy for Electronic Case Files these include unexecuted summonses or warrants; pretrial bail and presentence reports; juvenile records; documents containing information about jurors; and various filings, such as expenditure records, that might reveal the defense strategies of court-appointed lawyers.

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In certain circumstances, judges have the authority to seal additional documents or to close hearings that ordinarily would be public. When a party to a case moves to seal a document or to close a hearing, a record of the motion can be found in PACER. Media organizations sometimes file motions opposing such requests.

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Generally, when a party to a case moves to seal a document or to close a hearing, a record of the motion can be found in PACER. As noted in Media Access in Brief , media organizations sometimes file motions opposing such requests.

Civil litigants may ask judges to issue a protective order forbidding parties from disclosing any information or materials gathered during discovery. Deposition records often remain in the custody of the lawyers, and the media do not have a right of access to discovery materials not filed with the court. When a civil case is settled, that fact is usually apparent from the public record.

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Q: If I am late or if I miss my court date, how do I reschedule my court date? A: You may reschedule your court date by filing a motion.

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If the case is still pending, you may file a motion in the Criminal Branch Court locations on the same day with the Court Clerks. Otherwise, you may file in the Clerk's Office located in the Richard J.

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Q: How do I process my bond and how long does it take to get my bond refund check in the mail? A: If you did not surrender your bond slip in the courtroom, you may bring the bond slip or the bond number s , to the Richard J. A receipt of the transaction will be provided to you for your records. Normally, the processing period is 21 business days excluding weekends and holidays from the date when the bond is presented to the Clerk's Office. Refund checks are mailed to the address indicated on the bail bond form.

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Q: How do I change the address for my bond refund? A: A valid piece of identification and a piece of mail indicating the address where you wish to have the bond check sent is required. A person may file an appeal of a final order from a judge. A person has 30 days from the date of the judge's final order in which to file an appeal. If a guilty plea was entered, the defendant has 30 days in which to file a motion to vacate his guilty plea. If the presiding judge denies the motion, the defendant has 30 days in which to file an appeal of the denied motion, including any previously imposed sentencing order.

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This can be done at the Richard J. A person wishing to review a court file should go to Room in the Richard J. The person requesting the file must provide a valid photo I. In order to obtain a certified disposition of a case, the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County needs the defendant's name, date of birth, and date of arrest.

Our office provides dispositions for Chicago cases only. If the case occurred in one of the Suburban Districts in Cook County, you might contact or visit that particular Suburban district to obtain case dispositions.

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If the bond slip was not surrendered in the courtroom, the bond slip or bond number may be brought the Richard J. Stalking is any course of conduct two or more separate incidents that causes a reasonable person to fear for their safety or suffer emotional distress. All Misdemeanor Cases heard at this courthouse in Branch 29 will move to Branch 29 at the courthouse at W. Grand Ave.