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The short answer to this question is that it depends on how long it takes for all the steps involved in getting a divorce to be completed. The first step in getting a divorce is for the person requesting that the marriage be dissolved file a Summons with the court.

The Summons must also be served on the other spouse, who is called the defendant.

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If the defendant accepts service of the Summons and signs an Affidavit, the divorce papers are filed with the court immediately. The defendant is given 20 days to reply, and if he or she does not, the plaintiff can file the divorce papers with the court. The defendant also has the option of signing the papers in front of a notary public indicating that he or she has no intention of contesting the divorce. The plaintiff also signs the papers in that case, and they are filed with the court.

Once the divorce papers have been signed and notarized or the time limit for the defendant to respond has passed, the next step in the process is to file the divorce papers with the court clerk's office in the county where the plaintiff lives. The Judge will consider whether the Applicant has established:. All 3 elements must be proved, however it may also be that the reasons for hardship, might outweight an inadequate explanation for the delay.

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If proved, then the Court must also look at whether the Respondent would suffer any prejudice if the Application were granted. The fundamental question in an Application for Leave to Extend Time is whether granting the Application will do justice between the parties. Every asset and financial resource is included in Property Settlement. That includes Superannuation.

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We have 16 information sheets on different issues in Property Settlement. To see a list of all the information sheets so you can read everything you need to know, access our Property Settlement Section Page. There is also relevant information in our Separation Section. Please show support for our free service by liking our Facebook Page. Skip to main content Skip to topics menu Skip to topics menu. Cancel Print. Advanced Search. You can also agree about: How to divide your property and your debt, Whether anyone will pay the other spousal or partner support, and What child support and custody and visitation orders you will need, if you have children together.

Click on the topic that you are interested in: Get more information about custody and visitation agreements. To fill out a Response and actively participate in the case, follow these steps:. You only have 30 days to file your Response. It is an optional form you do not have to use it , but you may find it helpful in making sure you do not leave anything out of your request.

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It contains a lot of detail about schedules for visits and holidays, as well as other details that can help you as you try to do what is best for your children. They can make sure you filled it out properly before you move ahead with your case.

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Even if they do not help with divorces, they probably help with child support and spousal or partner support issues, so you can at least ask questions about filling out the Income and Expense Declaration Form FL video instructions. The original is for the court. File your forms with the court clerk within 30 days of being served with the Petition Turn in your forms to the court clerk.

You will have to pay a filing fee.

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Find out how much your fee will be. Serve your papers on your spouse or domestic partner Serve a copy of the Response Form FL and any other papers you attached, on your spouse or domestic partner. You can have someone serve it by mail or in person. File your Proof of Service Have the server person who served your papers fill out a proof of service form.

The server should fill out a Proof of Personal Service Form FL if he or she served your spouse or domestic partner in person.

Make at least 1 copy of all your forms and tax returns One copy will be for your spouse or domestic partner. The original is for you. Remember, none of these disclosure documents except for Form FL , which is discussed at 5 below are filed with the court. So it is very important that you keep your copy in a safe place in case any questions come up later and you need proof of what information you provided your spouse or domestic partner.

Have someone serve a copy of your disclosure forms on your spouse or domestic partner Have someone 18 or older NOT you mail a copy of your disclosure documents to your spouse or domestic partner. This form tells the court you sent your disclosure documents as required. Make 2 copies of this form.

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File the original and copies with the court clerk. Expand All Collapse All.

STEP 1. Fill Out and File Your Response Like the Petition , the Response asks for information about the length of your marriage or registered domestic partnership, and other basic information about your relationship.