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If there are challenges to the will or it is found to be invalid, the person who obtained the vehicle may be required to return it to the estate and you'll have gone through all the trouble of transferring the registration for nothing. However, you can still complete the transaction if you have the court's approval or you're fairly certain transferring the vehicle won't pose a problem in the future. You'll need to submit a Letter of Undertaking from your probate attorney—in addition to original or certified copies of the vehicle registration, death certificate and will—to the ICBC autoplan broker.

For more information about transferring a vehicle from a deceased's person's estate to a new owner, contact the motor vehicle department nearest you for assistance.

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Posted on: 2 January When a person passes away, their property is generally distributed to friends, family members, charities and other people important to the decedent. Transferring Ownership of the Vehicle Whether or not there is a will, the vehicle can only be transferred into the new owner's name by the executor of the estate.

Transferring Vehicle Prior to Probate It's generally best to wait until the estate has gone through probate before attempting to transfer the registration of a vehicle. When is probate needed? Are executors paid a fee? Can I do probate myself?

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How do you probate a will yourself? Do you have to go through probate if there is a will?

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What is the difference between a grant of probate and a grant of administration? Contact us.

The advice provided by Mr. Beishuizen was invaluable and cost-effective. I would definitely recommend him to anyone requiring legal assistance when dealing with an estate. Angela N Vancouver November 5, We were impressed by Mike's knowledge, patience and ability to explain concepts in terms we understood.

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North Vancouver February 1, His explanations and clarifications made my decision-making very easy. I had no idea of the complexity of Continue Reading.

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Ross S. I just want to say thank you for taking such good care of us during this confusing and difficult time.

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I especially appreciate the trust and patience you have shown us throughout the probate process. Dana J.

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Vancouver November 9, After becoming executor of my late grandmothers estate, I reached out to Westcoast Wills and Estates for help with the work load. Working with Mike was great. He clarified the process from start to finish and really put my mind Continue Reading. Nick Z. Vancouver July 30, Top Reviews Navigating the complex details. This website is strictly informational. None of the information contained on this page is legal advice, and it should not be relied on. Links on this webpage are not endorsements of any product.

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Facebook Twitter. Being an executor is a hard, thankless job. Common questions that we routinely hear from executors are: What is probate and how is it different from estate administration? Prints the next business day, plus courier delivery time from Victoria to you. Will search results will not reach your address on the same day that they print. The Ministry of Attorney General provides additional information about wills, estates and probate.

Lawyers and notaries can apply through BC OnLine. Email Vital Statistics. To complete transactions in person, find a Service BC location near you. Comments will be sent to 'servicebc gov. Enter your email address if you would like a reply:.

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The information on this form is collected under the authority of Sections 26 c and 27 1 c of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act to help us assess and respond to your enquiry. Questions about the collection of information can be directed to the Manager of Corporate Web , Government Digital Experience Division. I consent. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation Accessibility Statement. Wills Registry. Applicants can use the wills registry to: register the location of a will by filing a wills notice; or search for a wills notice as part of an estate probate Filing a Wills Notice A wills notice is a form that you fill out to say that you have made a will.