How to trace a unlisted cell phone call

Call up your subject and tell them that your with the phone company. The conversation should go a little something like this:. Of course, your subject will be a little shocked and might freak out so you'll have to calm him down. Ask who you're talking to and hopefully he'll tell you.

If he says, "Well, you should know, you called ME. Write it down and then ask to confirm his address in the same manner. Could I have the number you're calling about? I have a different first name on here. YOU: It's probably under my dad's name. Should I have him call in to ask questions? I show an Andrea. Unfortunately it's usually not this easy. The phone company is used to people calling in and trying to trick them. And it's especially hard if the person's number is unlisted or if there's a password on their account. But sometimes even if there's a password, they'll give you the name before asking you what the password is.

The best thing to do is to just keep calling the billing office over and over until one of the operators gives you a little bit of information.

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Then use that small piece of info to get more info, etc. Makes the calls one after the other and hope that the operator doesn't make a note on the account that someone keeps calling in, trying to get his info. This happens. The key is to not try and get too much information all at once. Take your time and make a lot of calls to them.

Feel free to post your own comments about this page below. If you have any new information for us or notice any errors, please let us know. If you'd prefer to make a general comment about phonelosers. Or you can discuss this page in our forums. The Pizza one may work well, but if a number is unlisted and you do not know the prefix location, it could take quite a few calls to get r done I know a true criminal, a real scum, and have all his unlisted numbers including cells; does anyone know where I can post these or how I can contribute this information to zabasearch etc.?

I know there are people looking for him.

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While alot of the info provided here is somewhat usable most of it is common knowledge. However it does provide a good resource of ideas and information regarding this topic. Though, it would be just as helpful to include whether the services offered from the list of provided links are free or require a fee or membership to use. Especially considering that there are free reverse phone number resources available online and can also be obtained by simply contacting the operator. I realize that this website is most likely compensated in some way from the businesses for provided their links, which is fine; however I think that it should be mentioned that the listed service will require a payment.

Just my thoughts, …..

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  • You also need to be subscribed to it. With NeuStar, it only tells you if the TN is ported or not. You do realize that almost all the people looking at this site most likely know nothing about what you just said right?

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    Nice post. I wonder how many people realize what you are actually doing while saying whatever it is that your wrote above. You can call the number with one phone, then call the number again at the same time with another phone that has Repeat Dialing service. I keep getting numbers on my cell phone as if they are dialed from it. No one has dialed them at this house. Where on earth did you learn such shotty grammer?! I tried all these methods a few times and nobody gives out any information. All these places can see the number you are calling from on their caller id except for some pizza places if you are calling from a cell phone.

    I finally just called my phone company and had them block the number. That worked fine. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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    Learn how your comment data is processed. Identifying A Phone Number Every so often you have a phone number and you want to know who it belongs to. Don't Break The Law Many of the techniques on this page are very effective but some of them might be illegal. Ask Them Before anything, let's state the very obvious.

    Free Pizza! Here's some advice for trying this kind of trick: Find out what the closest pizza delivery place to them would be. Order A Pizza Let's try the pizza trick the other way around. Video Store Account Get a listing of all the video rental stores in the same area that your subject is located in. Unauthorized Phone Charges Call up your subject and tell them that your with the phone company.

    The Phone Company Let's try calling up the phone company's billing office and weasle some information out of them. This site guarantees you accurate information on any kind of phone number as well as other handy searches. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. Read more. How do the cops find out unlisted phone numbers? Update Cancel. Is there a simple privacy law that actually makes sense?

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    Answer Wiki. They fill out a Subpoena or Search Warrant form; Then they get the formed signed by a Judge or Magistrate authorizing the search warrant; Then the Police go to the different phone companies or cell phone carriers and look you up until they find you. View more.

    Related Questions Can cops trace phone numbers? These cell phone and unlisted numbers belong to telecommunication companies and are not include in the public domain and hence cannot be traced from white pages, or free phone directories. You will find many such services on the internet, some touting to be free and some requiring a small fee.

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    As stated above, cell phone numbers are not made public domains, and hence, will not be searchable from public directory databases, regardless of how extensive it is.