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View the Vendor Directory. Turn Off These Ads. Originally Posted by All In. Thanks, I did download the spreadsheet so I'm good to go on pricing. Max Tow has the 3. Anything else I'm missing that I should consider? First mod will be new wheels and tires 33s. I didn't see the movie, but it does look cool -- how was it? Got me curious and I looked into it. I did a screen capture from one scene I found. The rear view mirror is removed in this scene and the scene shot from the inside has the old mirror - can't notice anything else that might give a clue if its a painted pre or if this is in fact a Commando.

We'll know in a few weeks. The second photo is I believe a photshop, but still looks good This jeep is not a , and I don't believe it's commando! If you watch the movie you get to see the inside and realize that it is an older jeep, the give away is the interior, i saw the movie so i know. I am dealing with ENCS and overseas. We just had a typhoon pass through, so theres no one working to ask these questions to.

Does anyone know how to break this code down so I can make sure it looks like everything is good on it? Thanks for your time! Remove Advertisements. Does anybody know if it's possible to get a dealer to put the rubicon tires on a sport s? Get side impact airbags. Wrangler didn't test well in side impact tests. Side airbags kind of limit you as far as seat covers don't they? OK, I use the word "funny" rather than "annoying".

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First off, when I took delivery of my , they did throw in a set of locking lug nuts. Very thankful of this, especially after seeing the posts about the dealership in SW Michigan. At any rate, I don't know what was going through the installers mind, but here is my thought Someone had already come by and put on a dealer-branded spare tire cover. So, when Mr.

Lug Nut came to do his part, he couldn't put on the 5th locking nut, because the tire cover was in the way. At least they left it for me to put on myself. Today, I went in to have them show me how to put on and use the soft top. I had already watched all the videos on the owners manual DVD.


Apparently the technician did not. This was also his first I had to laugh to myself as he latched down the front of the soft top before installing the windows because the DVD said it would be very difficult to zip up the windows The DVD was correct. Had the same problem with the rear window, because he had already locked down the sail panels DVD says to this after the window has been zipped up. Can't wait to go home and do everything in the correct sequence.

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Sorry if this is a bit off topic. Originally Posted by yandawg. Originally Posted by daavid3. Cables don't come with it. You need to have your own. You can use the usb in the radio face, or I believe there is one on the center console. You can also sync up your stuff using bluetooth. I drive a 4 door.

Questions: I am buying a cj2a jeep that has the vin numbers on Illinois registration from Question By: rex dillman on Jun 2 PM. If you have a clear title and bill of sale you should be fine. It all depends on your states laws. Question By: kevin on May 9 PM.

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Sorry, I do think they are different. Questions: What are the dimensions of this serial number plate? Is this the plate for the pick up truck door jam on the driver side? Questions: i have a willys gasser This would be the closest thing we carry for it. Questions: I just purchased a cj2 with a Wyoming title stating it is model year. The only number i can find is on the drivers frame rail below the firewall. It is " MA". The seller replaced the tub with a fiberglass tub so no tag on the firewall. Is there a second vin number anywhere else on the frame?

California DMV says there has to be two vin locations for it to be titled in Ca. I did order your vin plate just incase I'll need it. You can look for a frame ID tag. Please call us toll free and we can try to help. Questions: I just bought what I believe to be a Jeep and the title says the make is Wilson.

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VIN starts with followed by 5 other numbers. Is this a ? All of the data plates seem to be missing and the motor is not the original. Where on the frame can I find a serial number? Please call us toll free. We can ask you some questions and ID your vehicle for you. Questions: I need a vin number for my 49 jeepster the current plate is unreadable. Question By: russell kelson on May 26 AM. You will have to look at your title or try doing an etching of your old plate.

What would be my vin? If I go to register Im sure there will questions. I have taken the plate off and cleaned it, would it be a good idea to go to a engraving shop and have the U put on it.

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That doesn't sound like a good vin. But if you have a title with it I would stick with that number.

Questions: I have a CJ5 can I use this plate for vin? Yes this will fit thru Questions: where can i get the new vin tag stamped like original? Question By: charlie on Mar 21 AM. A local trophy shop can engrave it for you. Questions: I have a willys data plate off my cj3b. And Is this a Or a different year. Questions: Is there any way to find out what month my cj2a was manufactured.

No records like that were ever kept. Questions: Have GPW.

Is there a different Ford body tag for it, other than Willys?