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Start at school. Ask your teachers or librarian which resources they'd recommend for your project. That way you can be sure the resources are school approved and the information is accurate.

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In some cases, your school or teacher may have paid subscriptions to online journals or websites. These can give you information you wouldn't get through a regular Internet search. Unless your teacher says otherwise, using the Internet should be an additional tool, not your only tool for researching a topic.

Find items in libraries near you

Your school library is full of books, magazines, and other resources to help you. Many schools block access to images or websites that may be valuable to your research. So plan on spending some of your online research time at home or your local library, or anywhere else you have online access.

Sort fact from fiction.

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Before you begin your research, make a list of the kinds of sites that are best for your topic. Is the website reliable and up to date? Check to see if the author is identified and sources are cited.

Library databases vs Search engines

Government sites ending in. Established news-related sites are OK, too, but be sure that you're using the original source. If a newspaper article mentions another source, like an organization or website, go directly to that source to find the information.

Are there any other search engines that you would recommend for children? Please share them in the comments section below - many parents would appreciate it.

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Techniques for teaching reading, strategies to help kids who struggle, booklists, and extensive resources for parents, teachers and families. Search the Internet Use the search engines below to search child-friendly content. Online Family Reading and Resources Use the links below to visit online reading sites or find more information. Give your child a head start in life with brain-building tips from the Vroom app.

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