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The Superior and Circuit Court hours, are 8 a. To locate the court nearest you click on Find Your Court. It is a good idea to check the judicial branch website at www. For the amount of the fee go here. The court will charge for copies. Each division of court has a set of rules that govern its procedure.

Click Court Rules to view in full. The authorization form must be signed by the person who is subject to the background check and notarized before the record will be released. A: See the Annulment of Criminal Records checklist.

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The amended statute became effective on January 1, Concord, NH , at Visit the Division of Vital Records website. New Hampshire records have restricted access see RSA One has to demonstrate direct or tangible interest in the information. How do I get that order enforced, now that I live in New Hampshire? For additional information you can go to the Family Division.

There is a fee for the seminar. If you cannot afford the fee you can ask the court or the CIP provider to waive or reduce the fee.


Fee waiver request forms are available at the Family Division forms page. A: Parents are expected to complete or register for CIP prior to their first appearance at court. Go to the police department or come to the court-either the Family Division or District Division where you live--and ask for a domestic violence petition. If you are unable to file an emergency petition at court during regular court hours, you may file it at the police department located closest to you.

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To learn about other resources, including legal help or referrals, visit the website of the Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence or call your local crisis center. A: That depends on where you live. Cases are assigned to court locations based on where the parties involved live. Typically the judge or marital master issues an order appointing a particular GAL to investigate specific issues that are in dispute. The court order will designate how much each party is required to pay the GAL unless the parties are indigent.

The GAL conducts an investigation which may include interviewing the parents, the children and other persons who may have information relevant to the issues involved.

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In most cases the GAL prepares a written report which includes a recommended resolution of parenting issues that, in the GAL's estimation, is in the best interest of the children. The judge or marital master in your case is the only one who can change that appointment. If that doesn't work, or you are not satisfied, then all issues concerning a guardian ad litem should be addressed to the judge or marital master in your case.

The Guardian ad litem Board also has a process for reviewing complaints against GALs they certify, although they cannot change a court order. A minor is defined as a person under the age of The Circuit Court Probate Divisions have jurisdiction over both types of cases. The Family Division has jurisdiction for guardianships of minors over the person. For more information on guardianships, see the section on guardianships in the probate division or the section on minor guardianships in family division. There are certain instances where one party in a case can speak to a judge without the other parties present.

City Clerk's office is now accepting credit cards as a payment option for city services.

In all cases, however, the first place you should contact with any questions about your case is the clerk's office at the court where your case was filed. What do I do? Failure to file by that day will result in a default being entered against you. The court will give you two copies, one to mail or deliver to the landlord and one to keep for yourself.

The court will schedule a hearing within the next 10 days for you and the landlord to appear before a judge. Family Division accepts name change petitions if they relate to an open or closed case of a Family Division case type. Persons seeking a name change in Family Division must complete a Petition for Change of Name relating to Family Division Jurisdiction , and check the relevant Family Division case type, listing any known case name and number.

For a legal referral, contact the New Hampshire Bar Association at The Fund is funded by annual contributions made by attorneys who are members of the New Hampshire Bar Association. Persons who pursue a legal matter on their own in court, without a lawyer representing them, are often referred to as "self represented" or " pro se" litigants.

Contact the clerk's office in the court nearest you to find out if information or forms are available for people who decide to represent themselves. Clicking the "Browse" button there will allow you to see an index of statute titles and chapters.

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The court will schedule a hearing and send you a notice to appear in court in a few weeks. At that time, you may bring any evidence or witnesses you wish the judge to consider on your behalf. Small claims mediation is available, without charge. You can hire your own attorney if you wish, but the small claims procedure is designed for individuals to handle their own claims.

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This is a less formal court proceeding and the court understands that most individuals will be representing themselves. Also see the Self-Help Center. What do I do now? The person you brought the claim against the defendant has 30 days to pay the judgment in full. If the defendant fails to pay, or fails to pay the amount in full, you may attempt to collect through the court in a process outlined in the small claims portion of the court's website. The court does not process motor vehicle violations unless a trial is requested.

The address is 10 Hazen Dr. Under New Hampshire law, everyone at least 18 years of age and married persons under that age, who are of sane mind, may dispose of their property by their last will in writing.

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In order for a will or codicil to be valid under New Hampshire law, it must comply with the requirements of the law. If real or personal property is held as a "joint tenancy with right of survivorship," it is not part of the probate estate since title passes at death directly to the surviving joint tenant. If all claims have been paid, the estate may be closed and a final account filed with the court. If a party requests a surname change on the marriage license worksheet that party may also change his or her middle name to his or her surname prior to the marriage. O'Neil At-Large Ald.

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