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Nov 5, We also Those trends mean there continues to be a thirst for quality information around the channel, what its major players are up to and how best to use it.

Mail Search: It’s Getting Personal! by Yoelle Maarek (Yahoo)

In our annual Search Marketing Fact Pack,Ad Age culls much of that data into one handy guide that can sit on your desk all year long. Google introduced a universal search system that incorporated multiple media categories, such as images, video, local and books, into its results. And Ask. We also break down what sites receive the biggest share of traffic and what search terms are the most popular in various categories.

Kraft Foods kraftfoods. Finally, the Ad Age DataCenter takes on the thorny task of compiling a ranking of the top 20 search agencies as determined by search marketing and optimization revenue. Old school hard work and new school creativity—coupled with proven and cutting-edge strategies—applied to natural and paid search, podcasting, social media and the advanced proprietary technology to support them. All nicely integrated into dynamic solution. Download our white paper, Cashing In on Universal Search.

Extra copies can be downloaded from the DataCenter at AdAge. Michigan Ave. Subscription and print single copy sales ; advertising ; library research services Paid inclusion is the amount spent on submitting pages to paid directories like Froogle, Yahoo Shopping for cataloging. Paid search is the amount spent on paid search media on search engines.

Contextual listings is the amount spent buying contextual ads across content sites in different search engine or aggregator networks. Agency fees is the amount of money paid to interactive agencies or search marketing vendors for help managing the above three buys. Numbers are rounded. Hitwise collects internet usage information through partnerships with ISPs and opt-in panels to monitor more than 10 million users in the U. Core sites include affiliates, but not subsidiary sites.

The overall volume of U. Profiles of the top five sites run through Page Shown are top worldwide search properties for August Baidu is Chinese. NHN is South Korean. Ask 4. Google now is pushing search into video, giving partner sites a way to display ad-supported video content.

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Regulators still were considering the deal in late amid staunch opposition from Microsoft Corp. Results: Google accounted for Google over the past year gained 9. Google already benefits from searches done on AOL and Ask,which participate in its ad network. Google provides search and ad services to AOL and ad services to Ask in return for a cut of the ad revenue.

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That placed it No. Google in October bought Jaiku, an instant-messaging venture for the web and mobile phones. More mobile initiatives are likely. Numbers rounded. Google in generated The rest Yahoo also struck recent deals to buy sports site Rivals.

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  • Results: Yahoo is No. Second, establish Yahoo as the must buy for the most advertisers. Third, deliver industry-leading platforms that attract the most developers. The majority of marketing services revenue comes from online display advertising, including ads on Yahoo sites and on websites of affiliates.

    Personals advertisement affinities in a networked computer system - Yahoo! Inc.

    The rest of revenue comes from fees from consumer and business services including internet broadband, premium e-mail, music and personals as well as services for small businesses. That was the largest acquisition in Microsoft history. Microsoft ranked No. Microsoft generated Ballmer brashly predicts all consumer media will be delivered through internet technology within 10 years.

    Microsoft intends to be one of those platforms. Dollars in billions for years ended June The segment also includes online services such as dial-up internet service a rapidly shrinking business and OneCare, a PC antivirus and security services. Microsoft said it had more than million active Hotmail accounts and more than million Messenger instant messaging accounts as of June Worldwide ad costs, from the K, include measured and unmeasured forms of advertising.


    AOL in September realigned some recent acquisitions and Advertising. Results: AOL remains a small player in search, with a 4. Dollars in billions. AOL had Commentary by Lenore SkenazySleep is about to hit the big time and Sorry. Ad Age Mobile delivers all the latest industry news to marketing and agency executives through their mobile devices.

    Place your ad on Ad Age Mobile and reach them anywhere, anytime.

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    Ask in June unveiled Ask3D, a revamped search site that combines search results— text links, video, music files—on one page. The U.

    Football Api Github

    I thought it was easier than it certainly is, has been and will be. But we have a great product. S search share was 4. Ask has no interest, he said, in building its own ad platform to compete with those three. Said Mr. The category rankings run through Page The top terms shown are those driving traffic to the category. The domains are the top web sites in the category, regardless of how users accessed the site.

    Top categories are listed below. This table shows that On all sites, Share for search terms below is of all search traffic to the category. Moore 10 BlackPlanet. Searches are in thousands.

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    From Hitwise for four weeks ended Sept. Share is the percent of all terms searched. ET versus Jan. That latter rank might be more effective for certain marketers, since the far lesser cost could balance off the likely fewer but not far fewer number of clicks it would garner. On Yahoo, the ultimate position of an ad is determined not only by the bid, but by the relevance of the ad. If customers like the ad i. But an ad cannot simply be bid to the top of a search. Advertisers rarely pay the full bid amount. The ad will receive , impres- sions and 18, clicks.

    The slider bar in the graph shows the change in clicks based on the change in a bid, but the relevance theoretically better copy and more potential customer clicks still plays a part. Other search engines have competing tools. On Google. Search results below show what Ad Age found Oct. Respondents were ad:tech attendees. Percentages do not total because of rounding. The biggest shares of budgets for search engine marketing programs are shifting from offline marketing such as print, direct mail and TV advertising. A supporting entry is a reference to supporting information, such as news, lyrics and pictures.

    Further streamed media may also be included if it is to be rendered simultaneously with the media content For the content entries , an invoked content entry indicative of the best or preferred source for streaming is selected and stored The stored invoked content entry is an identifier to the source of the media content , not the actual content. Upon demand, the media content referenced by the invoked content entry is streamed to the personal device For the supporting entries , transmission and storage of the actual supporting information is performed, and stored in conjunction with the stored source , as shown by dotted line This allows concurrent rendering of the supporting information along with the rendering streaming of the content to the device , as shown by dotted line The content entry may also be stored as a media entry in a playlist containing a plurality of media entries referring to media content suitable for initiating streamed response, as disclosed in copending U. The search label is typically a song title, but may be any content entry suitable for searching, such as a musical group or artist, movie title, character, etc. A media server in communication with the app receives the search label and commences a search operation as in FIG.

    A GUI interface receives the search label from a displayed search screen on the device , and invokes a search interface for identifying the relevant renderable content As indicated above, the sought renderable content includes the streamed media content itself such as audio data containing the melody and lyrics and the supporting information which is, typically but not necessarily, static information such as textual lyrics, pictures, and news.

    Thus, in a typical configuration, the search label is title of song, video or film, and the supporting entries are static file entries based on the media content referenced by the search label From the search, search results will include comingled references to content entries and supporting entries The search interface includes logic and a filter for coalescing and refining the search results as in FIG. The search may further segregate or designate different results between sources such as YouTube, Spotify etc.