Stockton glenn r 21222 inmate search

Palmer; Rolph; J. Peterson; Karl Karlson; A. Bengson; Wm Baker; Downey Ave. Schwab; N. Langdon; Mrs. Johns Add; St. Johns Ave. Junker; F. Leuck; H Thomas; Wm. Martin; B. Coatla; G. Palmer; Re-survey of B. Hoppins; Lybarker's 2nd Add; Asbury St. Puckett; D. Foote; C. Hoppins; F. Slussar; A.

Francis; W. Anderson; Wabash Ave. Church; A. Murphy; H. Carroll; S. Murphy; Frank Lesher; L. Johnson; Wm Palmer; G.

BRAY family

Richardson; Nelson's Lake; Chas. Bechstein; Tobias Bechstein; G. Millard; Chas. Pahl; Chestnut St. Gosiger; Euclid Ave. Montagne; E. Chapman; D. Eckard; D. Davis and wife; Cyrus Chamberlain; H. Blakely; W.

Historical Residence Records

Blakely; J. McPherson; J. McPherson; W. Evans; McPherson St. Gates; W. Sweet; Thos. Wood; H. Harris; Cameron Lumber Co. Church; C.


Evans; Robert Rowe; J. McPherson; D.

Evans; H Dawson; C. Chamberlin; Joel Sweet; K. Ball; I. Kirby; Jos. Williams; John W. Pearl; Torch Lake; Anna H. Arnold; W. Mudge; C. Chamberlin Note:.

Inside a California prison

Gill; A. White; E. B Gill; A. H Thurston; Piate Johnson; R. Cary; E. O'Dell; W.

Known Residents

Clow; Garfield St. Walbrecht; High School; Davis St. Lober; J. Ogletree; John Ogletree; Geo. Dawson; C. Goodwin; Maple St. Co's Add; Main St. Cavaness; Cameron Lumber Co.

Wilson Creamery; Anna M. Odell; Indian Mission M. Mitchell; Geo Manners; F.

Full text of "Census of the United States. Population. Special Reports. Series P-3 to P"

Bosworth; W. Anderson; Elk Rapids Iron Co. Lot 2, Banks TWP. Ayre; W. Drake; E. Rose; P. Anderson; Wm.