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A letter of nomination should include past and present 4-H involvement and past and present community involvement. The 4-H Council will review recommendations at the October meeting. Year pins are awarded to members completing the 4-H year. Primary members may receive year pins. Club leaders submit the order for pins by year number. Otherwise pins may be purchased through the 4-H Supply catalog. Criteria for application: Must be at the time of application an enrolled member in a Whatcom County 4-H Club, be at least a senior in high school, and have verification that you are accepted into the school where you want to apply your scholarship.

Department of Agriculture in furtherance of the Acts of May 8 and June 30, Extension programs and policies are consistent with federal and state laws and regulations on nondiscrimination regarding race, color, gender, national origin, religion, age, disability, and sexual orientation. Evidence of noncompliance may be reported through your local Extension office. Trade names have been used to simplify information; no endorsement is intended.

Published November Revised August Reprinted October Subject code X EM WSU Extension programs and employment are available to all without discrimination. Evidence of noncompliance may be reported through your local WSU Extension office. Join the Whatcom 4-H Community Facebook page!

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Will Restoring My Gun Rights in Whatcom County Cost Me Money?

Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. These Medals have special score sheets or qualifications: Achievement Medal: 4-H member must apply for this medal and must carry a minimum of 3 or more different project areas.

Public Speaking Medal: To apply for this award the 4-H member must meet these requirements: Enroll in a Leadership project or Self Determined Social Science project and complete a project record that includes an emphasis in some area of 4-H Public Speaking persuasive speech Set Goals related to public speaking and carry out a plan that involves using public speaking at the county level.

Permanent record is required. Good management skill and strong team building abilities are considered essential leadership skills for successful entrepreneurs. Having a vision for a project or product and seeing it through to completion.

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Watch this brief video for tips on turning in a Fiscal Champions Record Book. How have they inspired you personally? How have you seen this member inspire others? Relate an incident that exemplifies the Mike Levien spirit in this person. How has this individual exhibited those qualities mentioned as requirements of this award? With their project? With their club? If you lost your gun rights due to a felony conviction, then restoring your Whatcom County gun rights restores your rights throughout Washington State, and, in most cases, federally as well.

Many of our clients are honest, hardworking people who made a mistake long ago and have long since lived an upstanding, decent life. If you have lost your gun rights in the past, and you meet the qualifications for restoring them, you have every right to petition the court to restore your rights to you. In Whatcom County, gun rights are a part of the culture, and it is a real loss to go without them any longer than you have to. Skip to content info findleyrogerslaw. Eligibility requirements for those land entries dictated that a person needed to be a U.

The person had to be at least 21 years old or be the head of their household as well. Widows were also eligible. Anyone who was eligible was allowed to purchase as much as acres of land.

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Anyone who lived on the land after , when the National Homestead Act was passed, could buy that amount of land after making improvements, growing crops and living on the land for a period of five years. The General Land Office kept those records. The BLM has records of land transactions, which the land office kept in tract books. Any lands that were patented have been indexed by the BLM.

Land transferences were common at the time. After a person took possession of the land from the government, they could sell that land. Some land was also transferred in divorces or when the original owners died. Other land was lost due to foreclosure. The county auditor recorded each mortgage or deed. See Also Guide to U. Land Records Research. Estates and wills were originally under the jurisdiction of probate courts in the state of Washington. The probate courts were also given the power to determine guardianship for those who were insane or for minors.

They presided over both insanity hearings and adoption proceedings. The state superior courts took over all of those responsibilities in The county clerk then took possession of all of the records from the probate courts. The Washington State Archives now has many of those records on file.

Probate Records Research. County treasurers and county assessors hold those record. However, some of the older records are on file at the Washington State Archives. Although not all of the county tax records still exist, the regional branches of the Washington State Archives can be great places to start your tax records searches.

The Washington State Archives also has microfilmed inheritance tax records for , which was when that tax was discontinued.

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Tax Records Research. When the railroads gained a hold in the s and s, the entire immigration pattern for the western part of the United States was altered. That caused many people to immigrate to the state of Washington.

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There were , settlers who were foreign-born in the area by In , several Dutch families came to Washington from the Dakotas. Many of the Dutch settlers who settled the area in the s and s chose to settle specifically around Puget Sound, including the Whidbey Island area.

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Dutch communities sprang up in Prosser, Zillah and Moxee City, but the largest in the state was Lynden, which was located in Whatcom County. Both the Italians and the Finns eventually merged into the American melting pot, but the Washington Finns and Italians started out as laborers. Most of the coastal truck farmers of Washington were of Japanese descent. Many of them could be found on the outer edges of Tacoma and Seattle. There were 17, Japanese people in Washington in , but only of them lived to the east of the Cascade Mountains.

Those that did were farm workers in the Spokane and Yakima County areas, mainly. They were placed in relocation centers until the war came to a close. When the war ended, many of the Japanese people who were moved to Idaho from Washington chose to stay and be truck farmers in Idaho. In the mids, African Americans did move westward. Mexican people also came to the area during the war because ranchers needed more workers on their farms.

The Chinese people at the time were mainly miners and railroad workers.

There were 3, Chinese people living in the territory by The majority of them lived around Puget Sound. When a mob attached Chinese people working as miners on September 4, in Rock Springs, Wyoming, it sparked several riots against the Chinese in Washington. That caused several hundred Chinese residents of Washington to voluntarily move to either San Francisco or British Columbia in order to avoid further conflicts.

In , there was a large fire in Seattle. Many Chinese people came back after that fire and took up permanent residence.