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Once you find a church whose message resonates with you, seek out senior members of the church and speak to them about ordination via seminary school. Most seminaries have an established history with particular denominations, so senior members can guide you toward a school that will be the best fit for your beliefs.

If you'd rather seek out a school on your own, using an online search tool can be helpful in narrowing down potential options. It's worth noting that California accepts ordinations from institutions across the United States for the purpose of conducting a marriage ceremony, so your choice of school need not be dependent on that. Apply for seminary. Once you've decided on a school, you'll have to send in an application.

Requirements for entry will vary by school and by program. Some masters programs may require a four-year college degree, while more general programs may only require a high school diploma.

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Prepare for seminary. Review the logistics of attending the school and make sure you're financially prepared. Costs are similar to attending a four-year university, and most degree programs take at least several years to complete. Given the scope of this commitment, it's important to be sure that you've been called to a life of ministry before beginning the process.

Wedding Officiants in Ontario, CA for your Marriage Ceremony

Apply for pastoral candidacy. Once you have your degree, you can apply for pastoral candidacy at the church where you wish to conduct your ministry. This involves a thorough interview with senior members of the church. You should be prepared to answer questions like, "Do you agree with everything in this church's statement of faith?

Understand that some churches may require you to complete a trial period in a lessor leadership role, though this requirement will vary by organization. Upon successful completion of this process, you will be given the title of ordained minister. Begin officiating weddings. Once you become ordained, you will be eligible to perform legal marriage ceremonies. Note that the State of California does not require ministers to register with the local government in order to solemnize marriages.

It's a huge honor and can really personalize your ceremony

After performing a wedding ceremony, simply sign the marriage license to make the marriage official. Method 2. Find an organization that offers online ordinations. Due to its relatively low cost and minimal time commitment, online ordination has become a popular alternative to traditional ordination.

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You can never plan too carefully, even when it comes to what your friend will wear. All eyes will be on the couple — and also on the officiant who will be standing with them.

How to Become a Wedding Officiant in California

You don't want your friend to clash with your wedding party, and you don't want them to appear overdressed, or underdressed, compared to the rest of the people in the ceremony photos. For all these reasons, make sure to have a frank discussion about what your friend-turned-officiant will wear on the big day!

After the ceremony and reception, it is your officiant's responsibility to send the completed marriage license and return it to the state within the required timeline. Performing and Officiating a Wedding Ceremony. Brides uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

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By using Brides, you accept our. See More:. Related Stories. Marriage ceremonies not conducted by the San Francisco County Clerk's office are considered private events.


Marriage: General Information. Appointments are available Monday-Friday beginning a. Appointments may be scheduled and paid for through the online appointment system, or you may schedule and pay for an appointment in our office Monday through Friday a. A marriage license is only a permit to get married and you are not married until a ceremony is performed by an authorized person.

When recorded, a Public Marriage Certificate is a public record, while a Confidential Marriage Certificate is only available to the parties on the marriage license. Applicants for a confidential marriage license must be living together and attest to the fact on the marriage license. The law does not specify a minimum duration of time living together. Documented proof is not required.

Orange County Marriage Laws

Online reservations - credit card only. Both parties must be at least age 18 and unmarried. Both parties must present valid authentic legal photo identification card containing photograph, full legal name, date of birth, date of issue, and date of expiration Examples: passport, driver's license, naturalization certificate, resident alien card, military I.

If the legal picture I. It does not apply to marriage licenses issued prior to January 1, It is unlawful for our employees to answer questions of a legal nature.